Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where the magic happens.

This picture was taken right after I had set up my sewing room. It never looked this neat and tidy again. On the second shelf down you can see my fabric stash. The stash has grown considerably since this picture was taken.

My Sewing Room

I spent today working on a quilt square for a Round Robin that I am in participating in.
My Aunt is a quilter and she thought it would be fun for a bunch of us to do a round robin. I was a little nervous at first as I am such newbie...I was afraid of messing up other people's quilts. But I decided to go for it because it would be such a good way for me to learn. Now my problem was I didn't know how to do fancy borders. So I bought a quilting book all about quilt borders.
This book has since become my border bible.

The border I chose is called Arrows.

These are some pictures of my progress on the border.

The picture on the left shows the 2 inch strips I had cut. The picture on the right shows the strips after being cut on a 45 degree angle, the top of the picture shows two 45 degree strips sewn together to form an arrow. I will hopefully finish the border tomorrow and I will post the pictures.

Today I also picked a bumper crop of tomatoes from my garden. Here is a picture of the big haul.

Hmmm.....I wonder if I can make some salsa out of them...lol.


32point5 said...

I like that border alot. It is nice that you have now incorporated other colours in other than just the violet shades. Now it will give me a challenge when I get to work on it!!

Nice Tomatoes (and fabric!)

Quilting Newbie said...

Thanks 32point5. I almost gave up on this border but I kept at it and it seems to be going much better now. I'm almost done it. I thought I would get to finish it today but I had company.

Anonymous said...

What a unusual crop of tomatoes. I have not seen yellow ones before, only red . What is the name of that type ? Also great looking quilt border. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to add to the quilt.


Quilting Newbie said...

Hi Trail,
I'm not really sure what kind of tomatoes they are. I think they are called Yellow Pear Tomatoes. But I may have just made that name up...lol. They sure are yummy though.