Sunday, August 3, 2008

My First Post

My First Quilt
I thought my first blog post should have a picture of my first quilt. I made this quilt last September for my mom for her birthday. It is a log cabin design made with Moda fabric. I must admit though, it is a cheaters quilt. I used a product called "Quilt by Numbers" Foundation Piecing. The foundation piece stays in the quilt. The fabric is placed on the backside of the foundation and you sew on the front of the foundation. It is a wonderful product. I bought them at the Creativ Festival held twice a year in Toronto. Oh if only I knew how to make a link without an actual website showing... ha ha ha.
Thank you to 32point5 for the helpful hint. I've now fixed the link.


Anonymous said...

Love your first quilt. The colours are awsome. You are a talent to be recond with. I am sure your Mom was very happy to have received such a thoughtful gift.

Quilting Newbie said...


32point5 said...

Hey this is a surprise! Welcome to to world of blogging!

As a hint when you want to add a link without showing the web address. First in an another tab, go to the page you want to link and highlight the web address. Then, go back to your post, highlight the word you want to link, then there is a button at the top that kinda looks like binoculars, click that and a box will open to paste in the web page link....clear as mud eh? Yeah!!!

Amy said...

Great job Steph! Next time I see you I'd love to peek at that book. My quilt is looking amazing. Thanks! Can't wait to get it back! :) Have a great day!

Aunt Donelda said...

Not only Amy wants a look at your border quilt so do I -- how big is the quilt for your co-worker??It looks really good-

Quilting Newbie said...

Hi Amy and Aunt Nelda,
Of course you can look at my borders book the next time you are down to visit. Just remind me.
Ummm...I'm not sure off hand how big the quilt it is. I know the squares are 5 inches and I think I put a 4 inch border around it.