Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Quilting Mojo has returned

I'm feeling better...thank you for all the well wishes I received from my blogland buddies.

I knew I was feeling better when I suddenly wanted to quilt again. :-)

Here are the pictures of the row robin quilts Momma Newbie and I are working on.

This is Momma Newbie's quilt

This is my quilt

They are both done and ready to go north. (no pressure Aunt D. LOL)

I started working on a stacked coin quilt. I am just kind of winging it...I want to make it a lap quilt. Wow, this quilt sure does go together quickly. Even quick for me...lol




pwl said...

Very nice! I'm glad you're feeling better.


crazyquiltlady said...

You are def. back on track- pressure? it is the story of my life LOL- love the stacked coin-

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog....glad you are feeling better! My husband is in hospital right now having an angiogram so reading your blog was meant to be, I reckon.

Tracey said...

Glad you are feeling much better, i can understand more about heath now im 40 this year and have noticed my health is not the same as it was few years ago, i do not eat well which is my main reason,

Love both quilts you are both working on,

Take it easy when you can,
Take care

Anonymous said...

Your row quilts are wonderful!


32point5 said...

Just dropping by to say Hi! Not much going on. Working on a baby quilt for the in-laws in NZ. Not talking about it on my blog until I send it to them.
Call me!