Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I did some sewing today. I worked on my multicoloured stacked coins quilt. It is going to be a lap quilt...I think I still need to add one more border to it.



I know this next statement will be hard to believe but I don't have any fabric in my stash that work as my final border. I guess I am going to have to make a visit to my favourite quilt shop.

I was talking to 32.5 today and we made sure that we both wanted to go to the Creative Needlework Festival. I enjoy the spring show so much better than the fall one.

Just an update for my faithful blogland friends. I'm feeling good....I'll be going back to work soon. I'm still not smoking (woo hoo) and I will be attending a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. I am really looking forward to that, as the program teaches people how to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

Happy Easter to everyone.


pwl said...

Happy Easter to you as well!

Bunny said...

Happy Easter to you also. I have been following your blog and am glad to see you are doing better and getting ready to go back to work.
Congratulations on not smoking. I gave it up 11 yrs ago and never looked back. Best thing I ever did for myself.

Mary-Kay C. said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Congrats on the not smoking thing. Keep it up and you'll be feeling great in no time, not to mention how much money you can save or spend on quilting stuff. I've alwayswanted to go to the Creative Needle Show but never seem to have the time off or the money. If you go have a great time and don't spend too much.

Sara said...

Glad you are feeling better! I know it has to be hard, but one of the best things you can do for your heart is walk (TRUST ME!). I love the stacked coins quilt. I have the fabric to make one, just have to get started! Happy Easter!

crazyquiltlady said...

Newbie - going back to work will cut into your quilting time!!!! Love the coin qwuilt

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh so pretty!!!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ("sweet" as in nice, not '80s cool).

Your quilts are beautiful. I admire your talent.

Congratulations on your quitting smoking. I lost one of my best friends/grandmother to lung cancer. She quit cold turkey the day she was diagnosed and used her cigarette money to buy herself should do the same!

Think of how much better your quilts will smell now too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my Non-smoking daughter. Love the quilt.

Quilting newbie Momma

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey, you're an X-smoker now! Great job and keep up the good work! Cardio Rehab was a really good experience for me after I got my stent. It really inspired me to eat healthier and start an heart healthy exercise program. Wishing you the same good experience...:)

Linda from MN

pwl said...

Maybe we'll run into each other at the CreativFestival ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Dear quiltfriend,
My sister is, after an exiting period, finaly pregnant of her first baby.
Now I would like to make a bright-colored quilt for her. To welcome the baby to this world
with a quilt from patches from all over the world. I try to collect scraps of 12x12 cm (5x5 inch).
Do you have a piece of fabric that may be suitable, perhaps you would sent it to me.
I would really like to use it!

Many thanks and warm greetings,
Elizabeth Kremer
Wedderweg 91
9665 JM Oude Pekela

Elizabeth said...

thank you for your e-mail. Any color or fabric is ok. I mostly use cotton. Looking forward to receiving your scraps!
Greeting from Holland,

Quilting Newbie zei...
Hi Elizabeth,
I would love to send you some fabric from Canada for the baby quilt. Would you like fleece fabric or regular cotton fabric? I'm not sure I have anymore fleece fabric but I will check.
Take care.
10 mei 2009 22:29