Sunday, September 28, 2008

I want...

Today I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with one of my buddies 32point5
I helped (cough..cough)her make some wonderful BLANK. ( I better not say what she made as I'm sure there will be a blog about it in the next couple days and I don't want to steal her thunder.) But I was lucky enough to leave with a bottle of IT...hurray for me.

During our visit today I noticed myself starting many sentences with...I want or I should. That got me to thinking that I need to take charge of putting steps in place to get what I want. The first step is to list what I want. So here is my list.

Things I want to make

Sewing and quilting projects.

1. Plastic bag holder for under the counter
2. Nesting baskets that I saw on crazy mom quilts.
3. Scarfs (free pattern can be found on Amy Butlers website
4. Black Redwork pillow.
5. Redwork Quilt
6. Orange Quilt
7. Brown and Blue Quilt
8. Black and White Quilt

My UFO list (it isn't too long..thank goodness)

1. Border for the Round Robin
2. Corky's quilt for my friend SM

Ok, now that I have posted my wants, I have no excuse not to get at it. It is all about time management.

Tomorrow I should......

Hmmm...maybe this won't be as easy I thought. LOL.

Have a great week eveyone.

Friday, September 26, 2008

2nd try

I have taken everyones advice and re-arranged the quilt squares. I hate to admit it but you were correct...way too much red in the middle and the blue was all clumped up. I was trying to do a red design in the middle but it just didn't work.

2nd try

This is my second attempt. I think it looks better. Let me know your thoughts, I appreciate your input.

This weekend is all about quilting. I want to get this quilt top pieced together with the border on as well. I also want to start the border for the round robin. So much quilting to little

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project # 2

Project #2 has begun. A friend of mine asked me to make a quilt for her out of all her late dog's bandana's (Corky died a couple of weeks ago) Corky had tons of bandana's, he got one everytime he got groomed and my friend S. kept them all. Last weekend S. dropped them off for me to take a look at.

The bandana's are triangles (of different sizes) of different fabrics. After much deliberation and discussions with S. and my mom (who helps me with my quilting) I decided to do another scrappy quilt, like I made for my coworker.



I took all the bandana's and cut a 6 1/2 inch square out of the bandana's. The bandana's that were too small I took and sewed together and then cut a 6 1/2 inch square out of the sewn together bandana's.

I had to add about 13 squares of my own (that I had left over from a previous project).

I laid out all the squares on the floor and organized them. I'm not sure if I like the way I have set them I am going to just leave them on the floor for a day or two and see if the quilt design grows on me.


Two projects at once...yikes....the pressure....LOL

Next Round of Round Robin

I met up with 32point5 and T this morning at Tims to exchange our round robin quilt tops.

This is the next quilt top I am going to work on.


Close up of the border that T completed.


So once again I have no idea what to do next. The border I have to do is 6 inches. As you have probably guessed when I am having a quilting dilemma, I travel over to my trusted crazy quilt store owner. She never lets me down.

This is the fabric she has chosen for me to use.


And after another quilt lesson, I left the quilt store with the fabric and diagram of what I need to do next. I'm not sure what it is called but I'm going to make a 9 patch for the four corners and then the sides will be 3 strips of the fabric. I think I can do doesn't seem that hard. Time will tell though.

So this is project number needs to be completed by October 11th, that is when T, 32point5 and I meet again.

But I also have a 2nd project that I have to start working on. I'll leave you in suspense about what the project is....hopefully I'll be able to post some of those pictures tomorrow. I'll have to wait and see how much I get done tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What happened to...........

Just Us Quilters button

The link doesn't work anymore. I keep trying it everyday...hoping...praying that it will magically work again...but sadly it does not work. I loved that site I found so many wonderful quilting blogs.

If anyone knows what happened please let me know.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Round Robin Border

I am a quilting mad woman these last few days. Finished the quilt for my friend at work and finished the border for the Round Robin I am participating in.

I must admit I was a little perplexed with the quilt top I had to add a border to. So I took the quilt top to my favourite quilt lady's store and begged for help. Shirley was wonderful...she whipped open the quilt top took one look at it and said "no wonder you don't know what to do with it." Yikes!! I knew I was in trouble then and there. She decided that I needed to put a plain border on it to calm it down and the designed she picked for this quilting newbie was Flying Geese. (GULP) But I don't know how to do Flying Geese I sobbed. Well, that was all Shirley needed to hear...she quickly got some scrap material, rushed over to a sewing machine and promptly gave me a lesson on how to do a Flying Geese border.

P1010004 Shirley's example

P1010005 My test patch.

I decided I did a pretty good job so I forged ahead.


The material is a navy blue moira ( I hope I've spelt that correctly). The goose is done with the wrong side of the material and the sky is done with the correct side of the material.

P1010008 Close up of border.

P1010007 Finished border.

Now that I've gotten all caught up on my projects, I'll have to start a new one. HMMM....what to do next?

You'll have to stay tuned to see. LOL.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scrappy Quilt Finished

Scrappy quilt I made for Heather

I've done it...the quilt for my co-worker is finally done.

Close up of Heather's quilt

Close up picture of the quilt

Back of Heather's quilt

Back of the quilt.

I didn't end up doing any fancy quilting...I just machine quilted around each square. I need to practice more before I try any free motion quilting on a real quilt. I would have had to commit harry carry on myself if I had wrecked with this quilt after working on it for so long. I think it turned out pretty good. I could have done a better job on the binding...but it was the first time I've attempted the binding on my own without my mentor's ( 32point5 ) help.

I bought the material I need to add my border to the round robin I am participating in. I also got a quicky lesson on how to do a flying geese border from the quilting store ladies. I hope to do that on Friday so stay tuned, I might have more pictures for you tomorrow night.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my mom and dad's 44th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!!!! May you enjoy many more wonderful years together!!!
Love you!!!