Sunday, September 21, 2008

Next Round of Round Robin

I met up with 32point5 and T this morning at Tims to exchange our round robin quilt tops.

This is the next quilt top I am going to work on.


Close up of the border that T completed.


So once again I have no idea what to do next. The border I have to do is 6 inches. As you have probably guessed when I am having a quilting dilemma, I travel over to my trusted crazy quilt store owner. She never lets me down.

This is the fabric she has chosen for me to use.


And after another quilt lesson, I left the quilt store with the fabric and diagram of what I need to do next. I'm not sure what it is called but I'm going to make a 9 patch for the four corners and then the sides will be 3 strips of the fabric. I think I can do doesn't seem that hard. Time will tell though.

So this is project number needs to be completed by October 11th, that is when T, 32point5 and I meet again.

But I also have a 2nd project that I have to start working on. I'll leave you in suspense about what the project is....hopefully I'll be able to post some of those pictures tomorrow. I'll have to wait and see how much I get done tomorrow.


Tracey said...

That quilt looks great to do, Wonderfull colour fabric those corners do look a bit tricky to do,
Take care

32point5 said...

Nice! I can see why our friendly crazy quilt lady has chosen the yellow and blue to pull out the middle triangles. She does have a good eye for that after you explained the last one.
Good luck, I know that you can do it!

Quilting Newbie said...

Hi 32point5,
Thanks for you vote of confidence. Check out Crazy quilt mom's blog (I have her as a link) she makes some really nice stuff. I want to try to make the Nesting baskets...we need to have a sewing day soon.

Quilting Newbie said...

Hi Tracey,
Thanks for always leaving me such supportive messages.
I hope your kids are feeling better,
Take care!!