Sunday, September 28, 2008

I want...

Today I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with one of my buddies 32point5
I helped (cough..cough)her make some wonderful BLANK. ( I better not say what she made as I'm sure there will be a blog about it in the next couple days and I don't want to steal her thunder.) But I was lucky enough to leave with a bottle of IT...hurray for me.

During our visit today I noticed myself starting many sentences with...I want or I should. That got me to thinking that I need to take charge of putting steps in place to get what I want. The first step is to list what I want. So here is my list.

Things I want to make

Sewing and quilting projects.

1. Plastic bag holder for under the counter
2. Nesting baskets that I saw on crazy mom quilts.
3. Scarfs (free pattern can be found on Amy Butlers website
4. Black Redwork pillow.
5. Redwork Quilt
6. Orange Quilt
7. Brown and Blue Quilt
8. Black and White Quilt

My UFO list (it isn't too long..thank goodness)

1. Border for the Round Robin
2. Corky's quilt for my friend SM

Ok, now that I have posted my wants, I have no excuse not to get at it. It is all about time management.

Tomorrow I should......

Hmmm...maybe this won't be as easy I thought. LOL.

Have a great week eveyone.


Anonymous said...

My oh my you are going to be busy.!!!! I guess you will have to get Crack-a-lacking.. LOL


Stephanie D. said...

I didn't see sleep or eat on that list anywhere!

Quilting Newbie said...

Hi Stephanie,

Sleep is overrated and I can use to lose a few

Hmmm...I guess I should have added a time line for when I want to have these projects completed.

32point5 said...

Great Post! You need to print off that list and put it up in your lovely sewing room. Thanks for all the help and fun company yesterday!

Mary-Kay said...

I want , ther I go, to make the baskets also. They look pretty easy and I think they would be perfect Christmas gifts filled up with some fat quarters.