Saturday, November 1, 2008

Corky's Quilt is Done.

Hmmmm....I seem to be falling down on my blogging duties. I have managed to finish S's quilt. I finished doing the stipple quilting and binding last weekend and I finally put on the label tonight. So I am happy to say it is done. I hope S likes it. She is coming over tomorrow to pick it up.


Finished Quilt


Label. Oh, and you can see my stippling as well in this


Stephanie D. said...

Well done! Finished is a term I hope to become more familiar with. lol

Quilter Going Bananas said...

You stippled a quilt? Way to go newbie! Finishing a quilt is to be celebrated and then on to the next!
cheers, QGB

32point5 said...

Yeah!! Beautiful Job! Since I have seen this quilt in real life I would like to let others know that the pictures do not do it justice. I thought it was a small's actually really big and looks fantastic. S...y is sure to love this touching memory quilt!

Anonymous said...

Good job - Newbie was this done with your new machine?

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful... I am sure S. will love it. Probably bring a tear to her eye.. Remembering Corky..!!!


Cat said...


Karen said...

Looks great!