Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sewing again.

I have finally gotten myself out of my sewing funk and did some sewing this weekend. I made some fabric cubes, they are going to be Christmas presents for some of my friends and family. (luckily or unluckily however you want to look at it) The people that these cubes are going to, don't read my blog. (Imagine that...what nerve..LOL)




Some turned out better than others. I must admit I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get the cardboard in place...and for some reason the cardboard measurements I used were much too big. So if my fabric pieces were 6 inches than I cut my cardboard 5 inches. That measurement worked much better for me. I am probably not as exact a sewer as Crazy Mom Quilts. Who am I kidding I will never sew as beautifully as Crazy Mom. I used her tutorial

I am glad to be sewing again and hope to get the rest of my cubes made this week.


Anonymous said...

they are very interesting looking Quilting newbie---how are the pictures of a double wedding ring quilt or maybe they never happened ????? they may have been a figment of your mothers imagination

Stephanie D. said...

They look great! I didn't try her tutorials yet--too much to do in too little time, but maybe after the holidays!

Tracey said...

These cube boxes are looking great, your friends will be very lucky as they are very useful for all kinds of things,

Happy stitching
Take care

Thankyou for the comment on my blog,

32point5 said...

Nice! I'll let you guess which one is my favourite....!!!

Sara said...

Yeah, I will never be as good as crazy mom, but your blocks came out WAY better than my blocks! They look great!!