Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Part II

I think I have recovered from my exciting weekend.

Time to post about the Creativ Festival.

We all met up at the Oshawa Go Train station to begin our adventure. I went into the station to buy the tickets only to read a sign that said 8:41 Go Train to Union Station cancelled. GULP. What do you mean it is cancelled...this can't be. How will we get there?? A very nice lady infront of me in the ticket line explained they were going to bus us into Union Station. Phew!! OK, the panic started to subside and my breathing went back to So we all boarded a bus and away we went. We got downtown Toronto only 6 minutes later than if we had been on the train. So after a pit stop at Union Station we treked over to the Metro Convention Centre.

The show was great....and I bought way too much material.


Fun was had by all and 5 very tired people made the trek home to Oshawa. I know my Aunt enjoyed it because on the way home she wanted to know when the Spring show was. So I think we have another person addicted to going to the show. The Spring show is better than the fall one and it is in Mississauga. One good thing about that is that we have to drive to it, so that means you can go out to the car and drop off heavy bags full of fabric. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow - you did buy a lot of fabric

Aunt Doe

Sara said...

Wow! Lots of fabric, I would love to have some of that to add to my stash!

Anonymous said...

Time to make a lot more quilts..Use up all that pretty fabric...


Karen said...

Wow! Look at all the fabric. I also went to the Creativ Festival, but I think you beat me with the fabric purchases. :)

I go every Fall, but have noticed the last few years, they have less vendors.

Interesting what you said about the Spring show. I attended one a couple of years ago and was very, very, disappointed. I think we went through it in less then an hour. Hardly any vendors.

So, did I pick the wrong year to attend? Is it normally as big or bigger then the Fall show?

Quilting Newbie said...

Hi Karen, you have me thinking about why I like the spring show better. There seems to be just as many vendors as the fall show. (but different vendors) I think one of the reasons I prefer the spring show is because I prefer the fabric choices during the spring. I love all the light coloured fabrics. (more than the darker ones you find at the fall show) Also I like that you can drive to the show so when your purchases are too heavy to carry you can take them out to the car. You don't have to lug them all over the place with you.

I think maybe you picked a bad year to go to the spring show. (LOL)

everythingquilts said...

Fabulous fabric. I've only been quilting for a couple years so I love to see what others are making. I get most of my inspiration from others.