Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Quilting Mojo has returned

I'm feeling better...thank you for all the well wishes I received from my blogland buddies.

I knew I was feeling better when I suddenly wanted to quilt again. :-)

Here are the pictures of the row robin quilts Momma Newbie and I are working on.

This is Momma Newbie's quilt

This is my quilt

They are both done and ready to go north. (no pressure Aunt D. LOL)

I started working on a stacked coin quilt. I am just kind of winging it...I want to make it a lap quilt. Wow, this quilt sure does go together quickly. Even quick for me...lol



Friday, March 27, 2009

After much internal debate

I have decided to share my recent excitement.

On Tuesday March 3 while watching The Biggest Loser, I started to experience some chest pain...within about 20 minutes I realized (or finally admitted to myself that I needed to go to the hospital) To make a very long story short and sweet. I was admitted and had an angiogram done. They discovered I had a 90% blockage. So I had angioplasty and 2 medicated stents placed in one of my arteries. I have been home now for a couple weeks and I am getting better and stronger everyday.

One of the reasons I didn't want to share my story was I didn't want people passing judgement on me and my health and lifestyle.

Full disclosure moment LOL
I'm 41
I smoke
I'm overweight
I am not overly active

One of the reasons I finally decided to share my story is because I do not fit the mold for heart problems. (Woman under 50 don't usually have heart problems) And I wanted women to take symptoms seriously...and not to ignore them...like I did.

Denial is very real....I did it for more than two weeks. I was lucky when I had the big attack (was not an actual heart attack..thank god)I had classic signals that even I could not ignore.

Chest pain.
Pain down my left arm
Left arm and hand numb
Pain in my throat
Pain in my jaw (both sides)
throwing up

Take it from me....do no ignore these signs.

Some signs I had before the big day. Mild chest pain when walking to the train. (excuse...it is cold out and I'm out of shape)
Out of breath (out of shape)
heartburn that would not go away with medication (Rolaids etc) (just chalked that up to just being weird)
Generally not feeling well (February blahs)

I am lucky, I had a doctor in the emergency room who didn't care that I didn't fit the mold and who listened to my symptoms. I had a cardiologist that didn't care that I didn't fit the mold and sent me for an angiogram.

Now, the good news. I am no longer a smoker. I have not smoked since March 3. I no longer live on Coke/Pepsi and chips...and I have cut out salt. I have lost 12 lbs since this happened and hope to lose more.

This has certainly been quite a month and I learned much. Knowledge is power and I educated myself quickly. One of the sites that provided tons of info was The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Educate yourself and don't ignore the signs no matter how scary it is. (the alternative is much scarier)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Friday night I met up with my oldest (there is a joke there somewhere but I'll be kind) friend to celebrate our birthdays. My birthday was Saturday and her birthday is next Saturday. We went to our favourite restaurant Go Believe Sushi in Whitby. The food was wonderful as always but the service was a little quirky. Not bad...just strange, it certainly gave me and my friend lots of laughs.

Saturday I met up with 32.5 and we headed out to Uxbridge to check out a couple of sewing stores and have lunch. Of course I bought fabric, because it was my birthday and if I want fabric I'll buy it. LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...LOL. I was good though I only bought a little bit. I don't know, I think I am gaining some self control in my old age. 32.5 treated me to lunch at Frankie's Ristorante.

32.5 took some pictures of our adventure and gave me permission to steal some of them for my blog.

Can you tell how excited I am to be shopping for fabric? LOL

Saturday night my mom took me and my dad out for dinner. My dad's birthday is two days before mine. We went to Kelsey's in Oshawa.

Sunday was another nice day...spent with my parents. Went and did some shopping/bonding with my dad...and then my mom and I came over to my house to do some sewing. I actually didn't do any sewing...I ended up doing some housework but my mom finished up her row on my quilt. She even got to use the fancy sewing machine, so she was very happy...lol



Excellent work mom....you are becoming a real quilter.

Thank you 32.5 for a lovely lunch and afternoon on Saturday and for letting me steal some of your pictures. I can't wait to see your blog post.