Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick Day

I've been fighting a cold and cough since Friday. Well, today if finally happened I gave in to the cold and stayed home. I am pretty sure my co-workers are happy they don't have to listen to me cough up a lung today. I don't know how it is possible to feel so awful when you have a cold. IT'S JUST A COLD!!!!! BLAH!!!

So, I thought it would be a good afternoon to update my blog.

My cousin's daughter is having a baby in March and I am going to make a baby quilt for her baby. I bought the fabric last weekend and a pattern for a rag quilt. Another Newbie Moment. I've never worked with flannel before. I've never made a rag quilt. I've never used a McCall pattern before. Yep, this is going to go well...LOL.



I also bought myself some more fabric. Because I really don't have enough fabric...(ya, uh



And momma newbie and I are almost done our part of the row robin. Both of our squares are done and squared up. (newbie moment. I think somewhere along the way I forgot you were suppose to square everything once I had all my individual 6 squares all done. I just started sewing them all together. YEP!! That didn't work out so well, lol. So I ripped them all out ( only a few bad words were spoken during that process) and squared them all up.)



Well, I think it is time to make myself a nice hot cup of tea and then maybe a nap. :-)


32point5 said...

VERY NICE! I love everything. I think you will enjoy the rag quilt, they are very forgiving and look amazing once washed and frayed.
Hope you feel better soon! Tea? Ha that's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Nice fabric. I am sure the baby quilt will be awsome.Hope you feel better soon.


pwl said...

The cold may hang on - mine has for over 3 weeks, but then I got the flu in the middle of it :(

The fabric is pretty - enjoy!

Cat said...

Nice work! And I love the pattern and fabric you chose for the baby quilt.

crazyquiltlady said...

good job Newbie--- I love your squares - rag quilts are super easy - I do not remember you buying that fabric- hmmm must have been a flu moment

Simply This and That said...

Just discovered your blog. You have some beautiful choices in colors of your fabrics. Hope you're feeling better soon. ooxx`jodi