Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOW, I got an award.


Thank you Tracey
for giving me this award. Tracey has a couple of blogs one is for crossstitch and one is for quilting and crafting. Drop by Tracey's blogs and say hello. Tracey was one of the first people to leave me a note on my blog when I first started, I was so excited when I had a comment from someone other than my Thanks Tracey for making that first comment and helping build my confidence in blogland.

OK, so I guess I am suppose to list 5 things that I am addicted too and then hand out the award to 5 blogs that I think are fabulous.

1. blogging
2. Coca-cola
3. the internet
4. quilting
5. facebook

Please check out these 5 blogs that I think are fabulous.

quilting in cyberspace
the quilting bookworm
quilts and stuff

Of course there these are not the only blogs that I love to read everyday. Please check out my sidebar to see all the blogs I need to read daily.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd Row of Row Robin

Things are moving along nicely. Today I did the cutting for both quilts that Momma Newbie (thanks 32.5 for mom's new handle...she loves

This is the fabric and the pattern that Momma Newbie will be working with tomorrow to add to my quilt.



And this is the fabric and the pattern that I will be working with to add to Momma Newbie's quilt.

Today was a great day. I spent some of the day working on the quilts and watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama. History in the of those moments that years from now you say...I remember when......I was....... So often that sentence is said when it is something sad like 9/11. I remember I was walking into work when 32.5 met me in the hallway and said the Twin Towers have been hit by planes. It's wonderful to have a happy "I remember where I was when..." momment.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Row Robin Adventure Continues

Well, mom and I have finished our first two rows in record time.


Mom's rows all done...and they look great. Way to go mom...fantastic job. Now, that wasn't too stressful was it?

These are my two finished rows. Not bad for a newbie. The making of the squares was pretty easy...that had part it sewing them all together and getting all your seams to match...ugh!!! I think I did pretty good. I'm pleased with how it came out.


Now mom and I will switch and I will put one row on her's and she will put one row on mine.

Yet another excuse to go shopping for fabric.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2nd row of row robin

Mom and I are sewing maniacs. We have both started on our second row of our row robin. I didn't take pictures of mom's 2nd row...but I will.

Here are the pictures of 4 of 6 squares that will be my second row.



This one is a little wonky at the bottom...I'm hoping I can fix that when I sew them all together. I'm not sure what went wrong.


Mom and I are hoping to get the two rows finished and all sewn together this weekend. Then her and I will switch and put one row on each other's quilt. Hmmmm....I think we might have to make a little trip to my favourite fabric store...LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A tale of dueling sewing machines.

Well, it is a new year and time for a new project. I had mentioned in a previous post that I was about to start a new round robin with my aunt.

So today my mom and I ventured out to my favourite quilt store. and purchased our fabric.

SDC11005 Mom's fabric she is going to do a Rail Fence pattern.

SDC11006 My fabric. I'm doing a 9 patch.

The sewing room is ready and waiting for us to get at it.

Here are the pictures of mom's progress.




Now, take a close look at the seams. This is a square done by someone who has never quilted before and her comment was..."oh look, it is off a bit". Now I am no expert but I don't believe anyone could get this more perfect.

WAY TO GO MOM!!!! One down 11 more to go...LOL

Now pictures of my progress.




SDC11014 My finished square.

The only problem is I don't think we bought enough fabric(we will have enough for one row) off to my stash.

Here is picture of the fabric from my stash I have for my additional blocks.

I don't think I want to do a second row of 9 patch. Not sure what to do for my second row. Would love to hear your ideas. What should my second row be. Remember it has to be very very easy...LOL.