Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd Row of Row Robin

Things are moving along nicely. Today I did the cutting for both quilts that Momma Newbie (thanks 32.5 for mom's new handle...she loves it...lol)

This is the fabric and the pattern that Momma Newbie will be working with tomorrow to add to my quilt.



And this is the fabric and the pattern that I will be working with to add to Momma Newbie's quilt.

Today was a great day. I spent some of the day working on the quilts and watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama. History in the making....one of those moments that years from now you say...I remember when......I was....... So often that sentence is said when it is something sad like 9/11. I remember I was walking into work when 32.5 met me in the hallway and said the Twin Towers have been hit by planes. It's wonderful to have a happy "I remember where I was when..." momment.


32point5 said...

OK, have you already mastered the 7/8" measurement??...if so you need to teach me. I refuse to make any quilt that has any eighth of an inch measurement in the directions.
Yesterday was a really nice day for the American People; I hope it gives them the encourgement to make things better for us all. Ah, I remember 9/11 too well....we spent the day watching TV, looking at CNN, staring at the sky and smoking way to many cigarettes! I don't think it was a productive work day for anyone.
PS, I really like the fabric choices! Happy sewing to you and Momma Newbie today!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I'm a newbie quilter also. I'm very impressed with your quilting.
Really enjoyed your blog.

Tracey said...

i allways enjoy looking at your blog, i like to give you a award check my post on my blog and copy picture for your blog,

your doing grand job on the blocks

take care

Tracey said...

i forgot to say its on my x-stitch blog, not flowerpebble one.


crazyquiltlady said...

Love the fabric - hope to get to meet your fabric lazy next week---and might bring mine with me to qor on if yu will be so kind as to let me use your machine?????????

crazyquiltlady said...

Wow I have no idea what that last post actually said??? Truly having a quilter moment

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, the Ribbon star block is one of my very favorites--so many looks depending on the placement of light and dark, but still a simple block!

Lookin' good!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Wow, love the idea of a row by row round robin and the fabrics you've shown are gorgeous! How many rows are you going to do??

I'll be back to check on your progress...

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it.
I like the fabric you have chosen for the next project. Enjoy!