Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a beautiful day.

Well, I have not quilted in quite some time and I'm thinking about closing down this blog and starting a new blog that is more about daily happenings. Sometimes I'll write about quilting, sometimes gardening, sometimes healthy eating, you get the idea. I haven't really decided yet...but if I do start a new blog I will let you all know. :-)

Today is a beautiful day in Southern is sunny with a nice breeze and not too hot and more importantly not too cold.

Usually I walk in my basement on the treadmill or on the track at the YMCA. Today I walked outside...I put on my ipod shuffle turned it up loud and hit the road. I walked from my house to my parents house. OK, so no one told me that walking outside would be harder than walking on my nice treadmill. LOL. You see, outside there are hills (uphill hills.....LOL) I don't have that problem on my treadmill ;-). All is well though, I made it to my parents and lived to tell the tale...and I did it in 37 minutes. (I am very pleased with that time.)

Before I started out for my walk I made myself one of these.

The Famous Green Monster.

A couple blogs I follow (Polly and Sarah) are always letting their readers know how good they are. So the other week I jumped into the Green Monster craze.

I changed Polly's recipe just a bit.

My recipe was as follows:

1 cup of skim milk
2 handfulls of organic baby spinach
2 heaping tablespoons of Vanilla Activia Yogurt
5-7 chunks of frozen banana. (probably a whole banana. When my banana's get too ripe I peel them cut them into chunks and freeze them)
1 teaspoon of raw sugar.

OH MY GOD!!! It was heaven. Now, please keep in mind I am probably the pickest eater on the planet...this thing was TO DIE FOR. Super Yummy and very filling.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


pwl said...

I'm with you on the treadmill LOL Mine is in the basement in front of a TV and a DVD player. And it can be set for hills - don't do them very often though. ;-)

As for changing your blog - why not use the same one? Quilters find inspiration everywhere, including daily life, and I truly enjoy seeing what you're working on when you are quilting.

Anonymous said...

How far is it to your Parents house? The Greenshake sounds yummy!!


Quilting Newbie said...
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crazyquiltlady said...

NO NO do not stop quilting or blogging about quilting- it is just the time of the year honest- once fall hits you will be on the machine (sewing that is) -- I promise Michael and I will come for a week and re-energize the quilt diva that lives deep inside of you- Erin drinks weird green stuff as well- YUK-

crazyquiltlady said...

Trail does not know how far you live from your mom and dad?

Quilting Newbie said...

Opps, I should have said how far away my parents house is in my blog post is 2 miles away.

32point5 said...

Wow that thing must REALLY be good! I saw the pictures on flickr and thought, ewwww?

I also second not closing down the blog. I know I was bitching about the blog the other day but I think it's because I put a goal of a year on mine. I know I'll still keep it though and you should keep this one too, don't break something that's not broken. Keep up the walking...I just finished a run...stinky, shower time! PS..I'm still obsessed with Edward!

Lynn said...

The shake sounds interesting, to say the least. With your recommendation, I think I will try it one of these days.