Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring has sprung!!

And my mind is racing in 100 different directions and none of them include quilting.

I worked on my yard today and it is really starting to look nice. I pulled about 10,000 dandelions. Thank goodness my gardner (DAD) has a fancy shmancy dandelion plucker. You can do it all without having to get down on all fours. (not a pretty





The Happy Gardner.

My mom and dad.

It was a little cool today...about 11 degrees celsius (about 52 fahrenheit)but it was sunny all day.

I also did some work on the inside of my house the last few weeks. The Canadian Government is offering a tax grant to people who do renovations on their I took advantage of that and had my stairs and upstairs bedrooms recarpeted. I also had a little painting done.

Here is a large picture so you can see close up how disgusting my carpet was...don't you just love that huge stain?? I have no idea what it was that was spilled on the carpet but it went right through and even stained the wood subfloor underneath...yuck!





I had the woodwork painted out on the stairs. I am so glad I did it.

Well, my blogging buddies, I think that brings my life up to date.

I hope everyone is enjoying their springtime. Happy Quilting!!


pwl said...

Your garden looks lovely! DH did a little weeding in our front garden today - after cutting the lawn out front and the jungle out back. LOL Now we have to rip up the rest of OUR carpeting and replace it with laminate.

Anonymous said...

Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!


Cat said...

Very nice! Is your gardener for hire? :-)

32point5 said...

Looks great! I like the stairs painted out white and the carpet colour will wear well.
Sigh, I wish I had a gardner. Tell "Quilt Momma" and "Poppa-G" I say Hi!

Sara said...

Your garden looks great! I sure could use a dandelion plucker here! I have tons in my one bed! I hate those things!

Your stairs look great too!

crazyquiltlady said...

Gardiner and helper look well- hope to get down with Mr. Michael in JUne- with the curtains of course- costumes done